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Bid Tabs for projects let in 2014

2014 Bid Tabs including project description and letting dates


2014 Bid Tabulations by Project Number for Awarded or Rejected Projects Year to Date

Letting Dates

Project Description

Low Bidder/Award Winner

Bid Tabulation

Mar 20 AQC 177A-009 ~ On SH 177/University Boulevard, installing conduit, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, 1 traffic signal controller and cabinet, fiber splicing and fiber testing in Arapahoe County Interface Communications Bid Tab
Feb 13 BR 0252-435 ~ RAMP Bridge Preservation project on I-25 South in various locations:  minor bridge rehabilitation and bridge expansion joint work, concrete sealer, thin bonded overlay, construction traffic control in Denver County American Civil Contractors West Coast, Inc. Bid Tab
Mar 6 BR 0252-436 ~ Along the I-25 corridor, overlay of 10 bridges with a thin bonded overlay (polyester concrete) in El Paso County Myers & Sons Construction Bid Tab
Apr 10 BR 0253-237~ Bridge rehabilitation project along I-25 and SH1 including removal of portions of present structure Class 1, 2 and 3; planing and special removal of both asphalt and concrete pavement; removal of expansion device; installation of bridge expansion device and compression joint sealer; furnish and placement of thin bond overlay (polyester concrete); concrete Class D; reinforcing steel, traffic control, striping and erosion control in Larimer County N/A Rejected
Feb 13 BR 0704-237 ~ RAMP Bridge Preservation project on I-70 at Pena Boulevard:  minor bridge rehabilitation and bridge expansion joint work, concrete sealer, temporary bridge deck, thin bonded overlay, reinforcing steel, construction traffic control in Adams County American Civil Contractors West Coast, Inc. Bid Tab
Feb 27 BR 2254-086 ~ RAMP Bridge Preservation project on I-225 North at various locations:  minor bridge rehabilitation and bridge expansion joint work, concrete sealer, temporary bridge deck, thin bonded overlay, reinforcing steel, construction traffic control in Arapahoe County Interstate Highway Construction Bid Tab
Feb 13 BR R500-157 ~ RAMP Bridge Preservation project:  rehabilitation along SHs 17, 149, 368 & US 160 in Conejos, Alamosa, Huerfano, Mineral, Rio Grande including full depth removal and replacement of existing HMA pavement; removing delaminated deck concrete and patching removed areas with deck concrete; installation of waterproofing membrane on 5 bridges; partial removal and replacement of HMA pavement on 1 bridge; removal and replacement of bridge expansion devices on 2 bridges; and re-striping on 7 bridges; and traffic control within the project limits will be limited to single lane closures on the work areas throughout the duration of the project; only two structures may be impacted at any one time during the project G.A. Western Construction Bid Tab
Feb 13 CC R600-438 ~ Realignment and complete reconstruction, minor widening and overlay at Chatfield State Park including removal of asphalt mat, unclassified excavation (CIP) ABC Class (6), HMA drainage, topsoil, seeding and mulching, signing and striping in Douglas County N/A Rejected
Apr 3

CC R600-438 ~ In Chatfield State Park at the South Entrance, realignment and complete reconstruction with minor widening and overlay, removal of asphalt mat, unclassified excavation (CIP) ABC Class 6, HMA, drainage, topsoil, seeding, mulching, signing and striping in Douglas County

53 Corporation, LLC Pending
Mar 20 ER R400-319 ~  ~ In Region 4, placement of geotextile, riprap and soil riprap at 7 structures, scour hole location, wingwall construction and concrete collars around piers, traffic control and erosion control in Boulder, Weld, and Larimer Counties N/A Rejected
Feb 27

FBR 0404-051 ~ Removal of structures F-17-GA & F-17-GO on US 40 over Tollgate Creek and replacement with single structure F-17-HA, reconstruction and widening of Colfax from I-225 to Potomac, utility work, channel grading, riprap installation, landscaping, and signal modifications in Adams and Arapahoe Counties

Lawrence Construction Bid Tab
Mar 20 FBR 0702-311  ~ On I-70 repairing and rehabilitating bridge structures:  drill and weld fatigue cracks near the girder web, stiffening plates will be welded and bolted to girder web and diaphragm gusset plate, repair and re-pave concrete bridge deck, install two micropile curtain walls on two piers, installation of temporary cross overs in the I-70 median for traffic control in Eagle County  N/A Rejected
Apr 3 FSA 0252-420 ~ At I-25 and Santa Fe, installation of a SPUI (single point urban interchange) including realignment of Kalamath Street from Alameda to Santa Fe and a frontage road east of Santa Fe, improvements on Santa Fe, replacing of a south bound bridge, roads to be reconstructed using 14" of aggregate base course and 8" HMA, seven walls shall be constructed near the new bridge, relocation and replacement of an intersection, with installation of new lighting, traffic signals, guardrail and storm pipe facilities in Denver County Hamon Contractors Inc. Pending
Apr 10

FSA 088A-030  On SH 88B, Arapahoe Road and the work consists mill and 2.5" SMA overlay; full depth patching; sidewalk, curb, ramp and gutter replacement; ITS improvements; vehicle loop detector installation; culvert and pipe lining; full depth construction of acceleration and deceleration lanes; traffic signal replacement; structural caisson and MSE walls; concrete reconstruction; replace existing storm drainage system; traffic signal replacement; stormceptor installation; and island reconstruction in Arapahoe County

Hamon Co
Mar 13

FSA 2873-162 ~ On SH 287 at Lowell, intersection reconstruction including removal of curb, gutter and asphat mat (planing), earthwork, HMA placement, concrete box culvert extension, guardrail, curb and gutter, median cover material, traffic signal upgrade, signing and striping in Adams and Broomfield Counties

Jalisco Intl. Bid Tab
Feb 6

FSA R500-134 ~ Fencing project to remove existing fence and replace with either combination or barbed wire fence including all end, line and corner brace posts and resetting of existing gates in Rio Grande county. 

Medved Global LLC Bid Tab
Mar 13

IM 0251-344 ~ On I-25 near Walsenburg resurfacing project including milling and paving, rebuilding bridge approaches, installing safety edges, guardrail, rumble strips and delineators, striping, providing traffic and environmental controls with expansion joint work on one structure and minor repairs on ten structures in Huerfano County

APC Southern Construction Pending
Mar 6 IM 0252-426 ~ 2.5” mill and 2.5” HMA on I-25 including guardrail, curb type 6, signs, minor bridge repairs, and rebuilding bridge approaches for 2 bridges in El Paso and Pueblo Counties Martin Marietta Pending
Feb 27 IM 0253-214 ~ On I-25 at Harmony Road: consists of concrete rubblization with HMA overlay as well as inlay sections under structures and through floodplains in Larimer County Aggregate Industries Bid Tab
Mar 13 IM 0701-220 ~ On I-70, removing and replacing PCP slabs, guardrail, striping, bridge deck repairs and thin bonded polyester concrete overlays, bridge joint replacement and TCM in Garfield County Multiple Concrete Ent. Bid Tab
Apr 10

IM 0703-395 ~  On I-70 Repair of asphalt, mill and fill, bridge joints, bridge rail replacements, Type 4 to Type 7 barrier replacement, repair of truck climbing lane, culvert lining, Type 10 barrier repair, striping and traffic control in Eagle, Summit and clear creek counties

N/A Rejected
Feb 6 ITS SW01-423 ~ On I-70 in Region 3, replacement of five (5) existing variable message signs (VMS) in Garfield County Glaser Electric Co. Bid Tab
Mar 20 MP 0252-438 ~ On SH25, wiring replacement: removal of existing lighting standards, replacement of existing lighting standards, wiring and lighting control centers, addition of two new lighting standards with all lights to have new wiring and pull boxes installed and bored conduit installed in El Paso County Arrow Electric Services, Inc. Bid Tab
Mar 6

MTCE 141A-037 ~ In Region on SH141 slick rock overlay including HMA overlay, construction traffic control, temporary striping and pavement marking and permanent striping and pavement marking in San Miguel County

Elam Construction Bid Tab
Feb 6

MTCE R200-201 ~ On SH 266 deck rehab, resurface and guardrail:  removal and replacement of existing HMA, Class II and Class III deck repair, expansion devise removal and replacement, removal of existing guardrail and replacing with Type 10R, traffic control, temporary and permanent striping in Otero County

N/A Rejected
Mar 27 MTCE R300-209 ~ On various highway roadways, refreshing existing pavement markings with epoxy pavement and grinding in Clear Creek, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Pitkin, Routt, and Summit Counties Kolbe Striping Bid Tab
Jan 16 MTCE R500-152~ 156Epoxy and high build water striping throughout Region 5 Pavement Marking Inc Bid Tab
Mar 20 NH 0063-043  ~ On US 6, resurfacing, shoulder treatment, drainage improvements, bus pull out improvements, widening for a left turn lane, safety improvements, signing, striping and traffic control in Eagle County Elam Construction Company Pending
Apr 3

NH 0501-062 ~ On US50, 1.5” overlay, realignment of SH141 and railroad tracks, guardrail, delineators and striping in Mesa County

Oldcastle SW Group dba United Companies of Mesa County Pending
Feb 27

NH 0502-068 ~ At US285 & US50 intersection improvements consisting of installation of a traffic signal with pedestrian crossings on all legs of the intersection, making this a four legged intersection, installation of ADA ramps, HMA pavement widening for new lane configuration and striping to meet lane configuration, also striping on US 50through Poncha Springs allowing one lane each direction with center left turn bays and bicycle lanes in Chaffee County

Mountain Valley Construction Bid Tab
Jan 9 NH 1602-134 A ~ Design and construction of West Junction of US 160/550 in Durango sub-project A N/A Rejected
Jan 9 NH 1602-134 B ~ Design and construction of West Junction of US 160/550 in Durango sub-project B Concrete Works of Colorado Bid Tab
Feb 6

NH 1602-135 ~ Widening US 160 near Pagosa Springs for the addition of deceleration lanes for east bound traffic to turn left onto Meadows Drive; existing cross culverts are to be cleaned and extended; ROW is to be purchased for this work and ROW fence; signing and striping will be installed to designate these new turn lanes in Archuleta County

Crossfire LLC Bid Tab
Jan 30 NH 1603-031 ~ On US 160, leveling course and overlay, removal of asphalt mat (planing), adjustment guardrail, cleaning of culverts, shouldering and striping A&S Construction Bid Tab
Feb 27

NH 2851-006 ~ On US 285 in Alamosa, roadway widening and overlay project including two (2) travel lanes, a center two-way left turn lane, and right turn acceleration/deceleration lanes in Alamosa and Durango Counties

A&S Construction Bid Tab
Apr 10 NH 2873-174~On US 287, removal of asphalt mat (planing), ABC Class 6, HMA, guardrail, striping, signage and traffic control in Larimer County Coulson Excavating Pending
Jan 9 NH R500-156 B ~ Design and construction of West Junction of US 160/550 in Durango subproject B Concrete Works of Colorado Inc. Bid Tab
Mar 27

NHPP 0701-222 ~ On I-70, resurfacing ramp consisting of a 2” heating and remixing treatment of the driving and passing lane with a 1.5” HMA overlay full width, a chipseal treatment, vertical clearance improvements on overpass structure, installation of an erosion control system, guardrail adjustments and safety upgrades, bridge rail upgrades, and bridge deck resurfacing in Mesa County

Mays Construction Specialties-A 2014 Joint Venture Bid Tab
Mar 27

NHPP 0701-224 ~ Removal and replacement of bridge joints with some deck repairs, removal of asphalt, asphalt paving, installation of waterproofing membrane, pavement paint marking and traffic control on 8 bridges on in Mesa and Garfield Counties

ABCO Contracting Inc. Pending
Feb 6

NHPP 145A-060 ~ On SH 145 Cortez north to Dolores River Bridge:  2 inch HMA mill and fill in limited area, 1 inch HMA level course plus 2 inch HMA overlay all areas, removal of asphalt mat (planning), guardrail work, bridge work, concrete flatwork, shouldering, signing, striping and rumble strips in Montezuma County

Skanska USA Civil West Rocky Mountain District Inc. Bid Tab
Jan 30 NHPP 1603-031 ~ On US 160, approximately 11 miles of 1 inch leveling course and 2 inch olverlay, removal of asphalt mat (planing) adjustment of guardrail, cleaning of culverts, shouldering and striping in Costilla county A & S Construction Bid Tab
Apr 10

SHE 1603-030~ On US160, removal and installation of guardrail, installation of shoulder and center line ruble strips, installation of highway pavement marking and installation of snow fence in Huerfano County

Cruz Construction Pending
Apr 3

SHE 0063-034 ~ On SH139, installation of new traffic signal preempted with Union Pacific Railroad, installation of a new 8 X12 precast box culvert and overlay the entire project in Mesa County

Elam Construction Incorporated Pending
Feb 27 STA 0131-061 ~ 2" mill and fill, heave repairs, guardrail improvements, structural work including bridge rail replacement and waterproofing membrane replacement in Moffat County Connell Resources Bid Tab
Apr 10 STA 050A-024~ On SH50, rotomilling 2.5" of existing asphalt and replace 2.5" asphalt, storm drain work, replacement of inlets and pipes, modification of ADA ramps, and removal with replacement of an asphalt and base course in Fremont County A&S Construction Pending
Apr 3

STA 0503-080 ~ Along highways 47 & 50, installation and implementation of an adaptive traffic signal system among eleven traffic signals in Pueblo County 

N/A Rejected
Apr 10 STA 088A-033~ On SH88, replacement of traffic signal mast arms, traffic signal equipment, concrete curb ramp reconstruction and traffic control in Arapahoe County WL Contractors Pending
Apr 3

STA 062A-017 ~ On SH62, chipsealing the roadway with contractor provided chips including construction signing, striping and final striping in San Miguel County

Intermountain Slurry Seal Pending
Mar 20 STA 092A-024 ~ Design Build project on SH 92 Hamilton Construction Bid Tab
Mar 20 STA 133A-039 ~ Along SH 133, HMA overlay, roadway widening, PCCP roundabout, signal, drainage, lighing and traffic control in Garfield County N/A Rejected
Mar 20

STL 0853-081  ~ At US 85, construction of two park and rides including earthwork, ponds, concrete pavement, HMA pavement, lighting, surveillance, pipes, fencing, cub and gutter, riprap, traffic control, erosion control, surveying, striping, seeding, and mulching in Weld County

Interstate Highway Construction Pending
Mar 20 STA 340A-016 portions of present structure, deck repair, waterproofing membrane, HMA and striping of bridges in Mesa County Intermountain Slurry Seal Bid Tab
Mar 20 STR 0606-048  ~ In Otero County, 2.5” mill and fill, 9” fat track concrete, handicap ramps, guardrail replacement, bridge repair, including bridge rail replacement and waterproofing membrane, signing and striping A & S Construction Pending
Apr 3

STU 0404-054 ~ On Colfax from Federal to Speer, resurfacing with handicapped ramp construction and bridge joint replacement on the Colfax Viaduct in Denver County

N/A Rejected
Feb 6 STU 1211-080 ~ Construction on Wadsworth between Colfax and 10th Avenue: widening of one lane in both direction and a multi-modular trail on both sides; mainline paving of concrete; and concrete box culvert to carry Dry Gultch under Wadsworth in Jefferson County Structures Inc. Bid Tab



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