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Findings In the Public Interest

Specifying Proprietary Items on CDOT Projects
Section Description Manufacturer Concurrence Date Statewide
or Regional
209 Food-Grade, Time-Release Water for Plants DriWater 08/20/14 Statewide
614 RoadQuake Temporary Portable Rumble Strip Plastic Safety Systems, Inc. 8/1/14 Statewide

Ecobond Paint Treatment for Structures that have Lead-Based Paint on them and are to be Demolished or Refurbished

Metals Treatment Technologies, (MT2, LLC) 7/24/14 Statewide
Uretek Deep Injection Technology Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. 6/23/14 Statewide
612 SHUR-TITE Guardrail Post Flat Mount Delineator & SHUR-TITE Guardrail Post Clamp Mount Delineator SHUR-TITE Products 10/15/13 Statewide
612 SHUR-TITE Driveable Delineator SHUR-TITE Products 10/15/13 Statewide
612 SHUR-FLEX Surface Mount Delineator SHUR-TITE Products 04/09/12 Statewide
606 High-Tension Cable Barrier System

Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence (WRSF)

Trinity Cable Safety System (CASS)

Safence Cable Barrier System

Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems

06/22/11 Statewide
612 Scotchlite Linear Delineation System (LDS), Series 344/346 3M Company 05/24/11 Statewide

MIT-Scan2-BT MangoProof (Manufacturer Provided Software.) Locates dowels and tiebars in concrete pavement.

Kessler Soils Engineering Products, Inc. 03/29/11 Statewide
614 Impact Attenuators for Permanent Installations QuadGuard and SCI 100 GM 12/7/10 Statewide
614 Low Maintenance Impact Attenuators

Smart Cushion Impact Attenuator (SCI)

QuadGuard Elite and QuadGuard LMC

5/14/10 Statewide
Abtec Industries Ultra-Urban Filter with Smart Sponge Abtec Industries 01/27/10 Region 6 for the City and County of Denver
Irrigation Products for Denver Parks Department Multiple Manufactures 10/29/09 Region 6 for Denver Parks Irrigation Systems
"Enhancer" Pedestrian Crossing Warning Sign with Pedestrian Actuated Rapid Flash LED Lights Stop Experts, Inc. 08/27/09 Statewide
ASC/3 Traffic Signal Controller and the ICONS Advance Traffic Management System Econolite Control Products, Inc. 08/24/09 Region 6
Vehicle Radar Detector Wavetronix Clic System 06/03/09 Statewide
614 Closed Circuit Television Cameras and Video Switches Panasonic 01/16/09 Statewide
Tyregrip and Safe-T-Grip - Multi-Purpose, High Friction Surface Treatment for Crosswalk Applications Tyregrip: Prismo USA Inc. and Safe-T-Grip: Traffic Calming USA 02/27/09 Region 6
ULTRA Guard - A reflective product that can be applied on bridges, guardrails, barriers, and in work zones. Allows drivers more time to react and avoid collisions Potters Industries, Inc. 01/21/09 Statewide
606 M-606-1, Guardrail Type 3 W-Beam

End Terminals: The Slotted Rail Terminal (SRT-350) and ET-Plus manufactured by Trinity Industries, Inc. The FLEAT-350 and SKT-350 manufactured by Road Systems, Inc.

Median End Terminals: The CAT 350 manufactured by Trinity Industries. The Brakemaster manufactured by Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. The FLEAT-MT manufactured by Road Systems, Inc.

05/14/10 Statewide
607 M-607-15, Road Closure Gate Gate Arm: Safetran, B+B Electronic Worm Gear Winch: Dutton-Lawson 05/14/10 Statewide
612 Linear Delineation System 3M 01/25/08 Statewide
518 Modular Expansion Bridge Joint Devices DS Brown Steelflex, Watson Bowman (WABO) 10/03/04 Statewide
614 Type II Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Stations Electronic Control Measurement Inc. (ECM) 06/08/01 Statewide

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