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On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Announcing the change to the EO name to Civil Rights Business Resource Center (CRBRC).

Program Training Requirements

Construction contracts awarded by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) require prime contractors to offer on-the-job training (OJT) aimed at developing full journey workers in a trade or job classification on the awarded project ( OJT Special Provision). The contract specifies the minimum number of training hours that must be met. Though the program is open to all, trainees are to be recruited among women and minorities as available according to census data. OJT participation is mandatory under 23 Code of Federal Regulations 230.

The minimum length and type of training for each skilled craft shall be as established in the training program selected by the Contractor and approved by the Department and the Colorado Division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), or the U. S Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Apprenticeship or recognized state apprenticeship agency. The contractor must provide training hours to meet or exceed the goal set for the project. Prime contractors can fulfill their OJT obligation with one of the following options.

THE STANDARD TRAINING PROGRAM – Contractors and their sub-contractors can use the Standard CDOT Training Program to fulfill the prime contractor’s OJT obligations. Under the Standard Training Program, the reimbursement rate for hours worked on the CDOT project will be $2.00 per hour. If the contractor needs sub-contractors to participate in their OJT program, CDOT has partnered with Aims Community College to provide OJT supportive services in the form of entry level training for Labor, Trades and Crafts for persons that are interested in obtaining work in the highway construction industry. Please see our ‘resources’ below for details on the program.

To participate in the Standard Program the contractor must submit a training plan for approval by USDOL or CDOT/FHWA.


U.S. DOL-BAT approved Training Program or recognized state apprenticeship agency – Contractors may receive credit for hours that trainees work on CDOT and non-CDOT projects, but will only be reimbursed for CDOT project work at the rate of $2.00 per hour. Training may be provided only by US Department of Labor (DOL)-approved sponsors, such as industry organizations or unions.

Under either program described above, the contractor must, within 10 days of the first progress payment, submit to the CDOT Engineer documentation of an approved training program.

Contractors must report trainee progress on a monthly basis on CDOT Form 832.

Trainees who work on any highway construction project financed in whole or in part by the federal government, and who are not properly enrolled in one of the programs described above, will be deemed journey level workers and must be paid FULL Davis-Bacon wages.

Failure to comply with OJT requirements may result in the withholding of progress payments and/or the assessment of damages.



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