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Process Improvement

Featured Improvement for Week of April 21, 2014:
DBE Goal-setting process improvement implements standard work and uniform practices
CDOT’s DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Goal-Setting Process Improvement Project developed standard work and uniform practices for this process, which assures compliance with DBE requirements and also provides external transparency to CDOT’s internal processes. More details are available at:


“Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer”.

At the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we are improving our operations so that we can deliver excellent services and products to all of our customers. We are working to engage everyone, every day at CDOT to make government more effective, efficient and elegant. This is crucial for fulfilling CDOT’s Mission: “To provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information”.

However, improvement does not happen magically; it requires focusing on key issues and working systematically to resolve those issues. To do that, CDOT applies continuous improvement tools and techniques, many of which were pioneered in the private sector. This includes the principles and practices of Lean process improvement.

This website provides additional information about Lean process improvement at CDOT.

1. What is “Lean”? Here is an overview about Lean at CDOT (“Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer”)

2. How does CDOT improve processes, products and services? There are several different avenues which CDOT employees use to improve processes, products and services, including: a) Cross-functional improvement; b) Local process improvement; and c) Everyday Ideas.

a. Cross-functional improvement. Some of our improvement efforts focus on larger, cross-functional processes: we refer to these as “Global Lean” projects. Some examples are provided here:

Some of our cross-functional improvements incorporate information technology (IT) to enhance how we work. IT is a powerful tool for improving our business, enhancing customer service and reducing the cost of government. CDOT frequently partners with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) to employ IT to make CDOT’s processes more effective, efficient, and elegant. Information about some of these efforts is listed at this link:

b. Local process improvement. While some of our improvements are larger, cross-functional projects, many improvements at CDOT are more localized: individuals or small teams of people improving the processes, products and services within their own functions and workgroups. Articles about some of these Local Lean process improvement efforts are at the following link:

c. Everyday Ideas. Everyone at CDOT is encouraged to identify opportunities to make improvements to their workplaces and work processes.  These “Everyday Ideas” are innovations and ideas where one person (or sometimes a small group) will: 1) identify a problem or opportunity; 2) develop an innovative way of doing something better to solve that problem or seize upon that opportunity; 3) test that innovative way, to make sure it works; and then 4) implement it. These innovations and ideas are the embodiment of “Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer”. Some examples are listed at this link:

An overall summary of results from larger, cross-functional process improvement efforts is available here:

3.  What improvements are being pursued now? News about our process improvement efforts is provided here: And information about upcoming Lean process improvement projects is available here:

4. Some Lean tools and techniques that we use at CDOT are provided here: and several process improvement references are noted here:

Working together to make CDOT more efficient, effective and elegant -- every day.

Contact Information

For more information on CDOT's process improvement initiatives contact:

Gary Vansuch