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Procurement and Contract Services

The Center for Procurement and Contract Services provides the infrastructure for the acquisition of goods and services in support of CDOT's overall mission and values.

HQ Building in the eveningCDOT has three major buying and contracting units:

Purchasing topic Responsible Unit

Day-to-Day Operations
Goods and Services

Center for Procurement and Contract Services
Highway Construction Agreements
Building Construction Property Management

How To Do Business - Register

Vendors who would like to sell goods and services to CDOT should register for the Bid Information and Distribution System (BIDS). All competitive purchases conducted by CDOT and other state agencies, institutions, and colleges are on this Internet web site. Vendors must become registered on BIDS to sell to CDOT. Registration is $40.00 annually. Click on the State Procurement Information tab on the left for more information.

How We Buy

CDOT's first stop is the State of Colorado Purchasing Department's Price Agreements.

Procurement Card Image

CDOT Awards

Please contact the main procurement office for more information

Surplus Equipment Contact

Mike Moore

Working with Local Government

In keeping with Governor Hickenlooper's Executive Order D2011-005, CDOT engages in extensive public outreach at the outset of each rule making process, involving state and local entities and individuals in the development of the rules.

CDOT Financials

In accordance with House Bill 11-1002, CDOT has created an online database for the Colorado Department of Transportation's Financial Information