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Fatal Crash Data

Fatal Crash Data (Historical) and Fatal Accident Reporting Documents.
Fatal Crashes by City and County
File Historical Fatal Crashes
Historical Fatal Crashes Graphs for Colorado Since 2002
File Historical Fatalities
Historical Fatalities Graphs for Colorado Since 2002
File Fatalities by Person Type
2002-14 Historical fatalities by person type
File 2014 Monthly Fatals
Total of statewide fatal crashes & fatalities, broken out by CDOT Region and Month.
File 2013 Monthly Fatals
On- and off-system fatals and fatalities by Regions
File Holiday Fatalities
Fatalities recorded during Holiday Periods
File Early Fatal Notification Form
Early Fatal Notification Form Template
File Coroner BAC Cover Letter 2014
Coroner, BAC, Motor Vehicle Related Fatal Crash, Fatal Crash
File Coroner Fatal Statistics Form
Coroner Fatal Statistics Template
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