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Economics of Bicycling/Walking

The Economics of Bicycling/Walking > 2000 Household Executive Summary and Survey Results
Read results from the 2000 Household Transportation Executive Summary and Survey.

Economics of Bicycling/Walking > 2000 Technical Report
This 2000 report provides statistical information regarding the economic impact of bicycling in Colorado, and documents the bicycling behaviors and attitudes of Colorado residents. This information can be used to inform policymakers of the economic importance of bicycling both as a mode of transportation and means of recreation for Colorado residents. Analysis of these data can also provide insight into the factors that prevent Coloradans from bicycling, and improvements that can be made to facilitate bicycling as a means of transportation.

Contact Information

CDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Program
4201 E. Arkansas Ave. DTD
Denver, CO 80222