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Welcome to the Colorado Department of Transportation's interactive Linking Planning and NEPA Training.

Nepa Process WheelThis page of the electronic training program will introduce you to the contents of the program, which explains:

  • The basics of the statewide and regional planning process
  • The basics of the NEPA process
  • Opportunities for linking statewide and regional planning to the NEPA process

The purpose of this training is to provide the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and its regional transportation planning partners with guidance to integrate useful National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) information into statewide and regional transportation planning processes.

The training also addresses how data, analysis, and products gathered during the transportation planning process can be incorporated into the project-level environmental review processes. This training is intended to incorporate the requirements of the 2005 Highway Appropriations bill, commonly known as “SAFETEA-LU” (Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act: a Legacy for Users), particularly the new environmental consultation and mitigation requirements for the transportation planning process.

This training recognizes that varying transportation planning processes across the state can benefit from the inclusion of NEPA approach and analysis within the long-range transportation planning process. NEPA requirements at the project level must still be followed, regardless of how information is gathered or used during the planning process. However, this training may assist in helping planning organizations understand how to develop information and document decision-making processes during the transportation planning process in a manner that will allow the inclusion of this information in the NEPA process and avoid redundant work.

Updated 2013-04-22

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