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Master Calendar

Agenda briefings are scheduled on the Monday prior to RTD/EMT meetings each month. For information on having an item appear on the Agenda, please contact Tromila Maile in the Commission office.

2014 Master Calendar


January 1st Holiday                 New Year’s Day

January 14th Regional Transportation Committee

January 15th Workshops/Committee Meetings

January 16th Regular Commission Meeting

January 20th Holiday                 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


February 17th Holiday                Presidents’ Day

February 18th Regional Transportation Committee

February 19th Workshops/Committee Meetings

February 20th Regular Commission Meeting


March 18th Regional Transportation Committee

March 19th Workshops/Committee Meetings

March 20th Regular Commission Meeting


April 15th Regional Transportation Committee

April 16th Workshops/Committee Meetings

April 17th Regular Commission Meeting


May 13th Regional Transportation Committee

May 14th Workshops/Committee Meetings

May 15th Regular Commission Meeting

May 26th Holiday                 Memorial Day


June 10th Regional Transportation Committee

June 18th Workshops/Committee Meetings

June 19th Regular Commission Meeting


July 4th Holiday                 Independence Day

July 15th Regional Transportation Committee

July 16th Workshops/Committee Meetings

July 17th Regular Commission Meeting


August 19th Regional Transportation Committee

August 20th Workshops/Committee Meetings

August 21st Regular Commission Meeting


September 1st Holiday                 Labor Day

September 16th Regional Transportation Committee

September 17th Workshops/Committee Meetings

September 18th Regular Commission Meeting


October 13th Holiday                 Columbus Day

October 14th Regional Transportation Committee

October 15th Workshops/Committee Meetings

October 16th Regular Commission Meeting


November 4th Election Day

November 11th Holiday                Veterans’ Day

November 18th Regional Transportation Committee

November 19th Workshops/Committee Meetings

November 20th Regular Commission Meeting

November 27th Holiday                 Thanksgiving Day


December 16th Regional Transportation Committee

December 17th Workshops/Committee Meetings

December 18th Regular Commission Meeting

December 25th Holiday                 Christmas Day

Contact Information

For information on Transportation Commission meetings, minutes, scheduling, and other issues:
Tromila Maile