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Transit and Rail Program

The Division of Transit and Rail (DTR) was created by state legislation in 2009 with the responsibility for the planning, development, operation, and integration of transit and rail into the statewide transportation system. DTR has an integral role in providing a multimodal transportation system to meet Colorado’s transportation challenges now and in the future. This is consistent with CDOT’s mission of providing “the best multimodal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods and information.”

In addition, the Division will work in partnership with other transit and rail providers to plan, promote, and implement investments in transit and rail services statewide. To accomplish this, the Division developed the Colorado State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan approved by the Colorado Transportation Commission in March 2012. With the development of the State Rail Plan, CDOT is now eligible for Federal Railroad Administration funds.

A Statewide Transit Plan and Regional Coordinated Transit and Human Services Plans for the rural areas of the state are currently under development.  These plans will identify local, interregional, and statewide transit and passenger rail needs and priorities. An overarching goal of the Statewide Transit Plan is to develop a framework for creating an integrated transit system that meets the mobility needs of all Coloradans. Using the plan as a foundation, CDOT will be able to implement policies and strategies for funding transit services throughout the state. These transit services will facilitate mobility for the citizens and visitors of Colorado, offer greater transportation choice to all segments of the state’s population, improve access to and connectivity among transportation modes, help in relieving congestion, promote environmental stewardship, and improve coordination of service with other providers in an efficient, effective and safe manner.

Both the State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan and the Statewide Transit Plan will be integrated into the long-range Statewide Transportation Plan.

Other responsibilities of the Division include:

  • Promote, plan, design, build, finance, operate, maintain and contract for transit services, such as bus, passenger rail, and advanced guideway systems
  • Administer and expend state and federal funds for:
    • Construction, maintenance and operation of interregional transit, advanced guideway, and passenger rail services
    • Transit projects including, but not limited to, facilities, equipment, services and provision of grants to transit operators
  • Coordinate and negotiate with the railroads
  • Support CDOT in representing the state with respect to the development of intercity rail facilities, including high speed rail projects
  • Coordinate and cooperate with regional transportation authorities

Primary functions of the Division include:

  • Administration of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Grant Program
  • Administration of the State Grant Program (FASTER)
  • Transit and Rail Planning
  • Agency and Stakeholder Coordination and Outreach
  • Compliance with State and Federal Requirements
  • Performance and Asset Management

The Division currently has several studies either underway or soon to begin. These include the:

Transit and Rail Contacts

Visit our contact page for individual staff contacts.

Going Lean

Transit & Rail is Going LEAN!

"Everyone, Every day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, for Every Customer"
At the Colorado Department of Transportation we use Lean to help us deliver excellent services and programs to our citizens through the improvement of our operations. Everyone, every day is involved in enhancing the services and programs provided to our fellow citizens. At CDOT, we use Lean and our existing resources to create more value in the work we do on a daily basis to ensure our processes are effective and impactful.

Transit and Rail News

TRAC Meeting:

July 11, 2014
1:00 pm-4:00 pm  
CDOT Auditorium  
4201 E Arkansas Avenue
Denver, CO  80222