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CDOT Staff Bridge manuals, project special provisions, structural worksheets, field log of structures, and technical memorandums.
Bridge Manuals
Bridge Design Manual, Bridge Detail Manual, Metric Bridge Geometry Manual, Bridge Rating Manual
Bridge Project Special Provisions
These are the most commonly used structural related project special provisions but they are not considered standards. Instead, they are to be evaluated for appropriateness on each structure before incorporating them into a project. See the Bridge Design Manual Subsection 1.3 for additional information. Users of these files accept the terms of the DISCLAIMER.
Structural Worksheets
The Structural Worksheets are plan sheets of standardized structural details. For further information see the Bridge Design Manual Subsection 1.2. In general, the CDOT Standard Plans (M & S Standards) do not provide the standard details used for bridges. There are exceptions to this. For this reason, and because structural details are often dependent on the roadway design standards, familiarity with the M & S Standards, as well as the Staff Bridge Worksheets, is essential.
Misc. Bridge Documents
Bridge Field Log of Structures and Bridge Technical Memorandums
Inspection Coding Guide
PONTIS is an AASHTOWare program for bridge asset management inspection used by CDOT. The CDOT Pontis Bridge Inspection Coding Guide is intended to supplement the AASHTO Guide for Commonly Recognized (CoRe) Structural Elements with clarifying information and additional elements unique to Colorado bridges and structures. If conflicts occur between the guides, the AASHTO guide governs.
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Contact Information

Contact Information
Staff Bridge Branch
4201 E Arkansas Ave Room 107
Denver CO 80222

Mark Nord, P.E.
Acting Branch Manager

Mac Hasan, P.E,
Bridge Policy and Standards

Lynn Croswell, P.E.
Bridge Inspection Program

Kevin Howland, P.E.
Bridge Fabrication and Construction

Mark Nord, P.E.
Bridge Asset Management
and Records