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High-Performance Transportation Enterprise

HPTE LogoThe High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) was formed to aggressively pursue innovative means of more efficiently financing important surface transportation infrastructure projects that will improve the safety, capacity, and accessibility of the surface transportation system, can feasibly be commenced in a reasonable amount of time, will allow more efficient movement of people, goods, and information throughout the state, and will accelerate the economic recovery of the state.

Such innovative means of financing projects include, but are not limited to, public-private partnerships, operating concession agreements, user fee-based project financing, and availability payment and design-build contracting.

The HPTE shall operate as a government-owned business within the department and shall be a division of the department.

Town Hall Meeting August 19, 2014

The High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) held a public town hall meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 19, to discuss innovative delivery, financing, and partnership opportunities for the proposed improvements to C-470. Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.

HPTE I-70 East Vision Stage Town Hall Meetings Questions and Answers

Click here for the HPTE I-70 East Vision Stage Town Hall meetings questions and answers.


NCPPP is proud to honor HPTE Director Mike Cheroutes with the 2014 National Public-Private Partnership Leadership Award for his leadership in Colorado and his long career developing and promoting P3s. Read more here.

Interstate 70 East Public Private Partnership/TIFIA Counsel RFP

The Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), a division of the Colorado Department of Transportation, along with the CDOT Office of Major Project Development, and the Bridge Enterprise requests proposals from qualified firms interested in providing public private partnership counsel services for the Interstate 70 East Project for the next five years. The RFP can be found here.

Proposals are due July 31 and a selection will be made in September 2014.

I-70 East Corridor Project Value for Money Report

This value for money analysis compares the total costs of delivering the I-70 East Corridor Project using different forms of procurement. The objectives are to identify the procurement approach which:

  • Best fits within the CDOT and Colorado Bridge Enterprises' affordability envelope for the project, and
  • Results in the lowest net present value of payments by CDOT and Bridge Enterprise over the lifecycle of the project and maximizes availability of Bridge Enterprise revenues to fund additional bridge replacement and rehavilitation projects.

​HPTE Board Adopts Transparency Policy

On July 16, 2014, the High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board of Directors adopted a Transparency Policy for the HPTE relating to Public Private Partnerships. Click here for the Transparency Policy and the HPTE Board's resolution. ​

CDOT Update on US 36 Public-Private Partnership: Understanding the Facts

Over the last few weeks, the public asked CDOT for more details about the upcoming public-private partnership (P3) for the US 36 corridor.  We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what is happening with the P3 and the contract as there has been a lot of misinformation released. Read more here.

For the presentations from the public/private partnership public meetings held February 12 & 13, 2014, click here.

For the presentation to the Joint Transportation Committee US 36 P3, click here.

More information about oversight and management of the US 36 Express Lanes Project can be found here.

US 36 Public-Private Partnership Executed Concession Agreement

CDOT released the executed concession agreement for the US 36 corridor, April 28, 2014, upon further discussion with its partner Plenary Roads Denver.  The document contains the contract provisions, standards of service and other agreements to which each agency will be held.  It also includes 27 schedules which describe agreements ranging from maintenance, to construction requirements. The documents can be found here.

HPTE Releases Annual Report and Updates on US 36

The High Performance Transportation Enterprise has released its annual report discussing progress on leveraging innovative partnerships to finance and construction major construction projects.  Click here to view the report and view an FAQ and contract summary for the upcoming US 36 public private partnership.

Plenary Operations Reports

Click here to view the Plenary operations reports.

HPTE Bidders List

The High Performance Transportation Enterprise is maintaining a list of potential bidders, developers, and affected interests who would like to be notified of future solicitations or announcements. If you would like to be on this list, please notify Kari Grant at, or (303) 757-9380.

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HPTE Members:

Michael Cheroutes

Tim Gagen - Chair
Governor Appointee

Doug Aden
Transportation Commissioner

Brenda Smith
Governor Appointee

Kathy Gilliland - Vice Chair
Transportation Commissioner

Don Marostica
Governor Appointee

Gary Reiff
Transportation Commissioner

Trey Rogers
Governor Appointee

Contact Information

For information on HPTE meetings, minutes, scheduling, and other issues: