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Safety Data Sources & Information

File 2015 Colorado Integrated Safety Plan
File 2014 Full Colorado Problem Identification (ID) Report
In order for the Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) to direct its limited resources in the most effective manner, the OTS conducts an annual analysis of Colorado crashes and traffic safety data and presents the information in the Problem Identification Report. The FY2014 Problem Identification Report examines trends in Colorado crash, traffic safety and injury hospitalization data at the state and county levels.
File 2014 Problem ID Table of Contents
File 2014 Problem ID Executive Summary
File 2014 Problem Id Introduction
File 2014 Problem ID State Perspective Only
File 2014 Problem ID County Fact Sheets Only
File 2014 Problem Id County Comparison Table
File 2014 Problem ID Highlights
File 2014 Problem ID Maps
File 2014 Problem ID Glossary of Acronyms
File 2012 Fatality Data by Race and Ethnicity
2012 Transportation Safety and Traffic Engineering Annual Report
File 2012-2015 Colorado Integrated Safety Plan
File 2011 Occupant Protection Program Assessment
July 2011 - The purpose of the Occupant Protection Program Assessment is to provide the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) with a review of its occupant protection program through identification of the program’s strengths and accomplishments, identification of challenging areas, and to offer recommendations for improvement. The assessment can be used as a tool for occupant protection program planning purposes and for deciding how to allocate existing and new resources and determining programmatic focus.
CDOT and CDPHE Webinar 9-25-13
2011 Transportation Safety & Traffic Engineering Annual Report
Seat Belt Survey Results
Safety Statistics
Colorado Traffic Safety Facts 2006-2010
Drugged Driving Statistics 2006-2011
NHTSA Counter Measures That Work
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