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C-470 Express Lanes

The C-470 Tolled Express Lanes Segment 1 project will be constructed, managed, owned, and operated by CDOT. The project is supported by the C-470 Corridor Coalition and partial funding is being provided to CDOT from Douglas County.

Funding all the scope items listed below for Segment 1 is contingent upon net proceeds from toll revenue projections, combined with RAMP funds and other revenue sources. The current proposed work for this project includes:

  • Adding two tolled express lanes westbound from I 25 to Colorado, one tolled express lane between Colorado and Wadsworth westbound, and one tolled express lane eastbound from Platte Canyon Road to I 25, with a desire to extend the tolled express lanes in each direction to Kipling;
  • Full reconstruction of the existing pavement;
  • Adding auxiliary lanes at selected locations;
  • Improving on-ramps and off-ramps to current standards (including ramp metering where appropriate), and including construction of direct-connect ramps to the westbound managed tolled lanes to accommodate traffic from I 25 northbound and southbound, and from E 470;
  • Realigning substandard curves;
  • Safety and operational improvements between I-25 and Quebec;
  • Widening of existing bridges throughout the project area;
  • Replacing the bridges over the South Platte River;
  • Installing water-quality features designed to current standards;
  • Installing noise barriers where required;
  • Installing ITS elements and tolling equipment;
  • And, installing the appropriate signing and striping required for the proposed corridor improvements.

Additionally, the project includes adding grade separations for the C-470 multi-use trail at Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street where grade separations are required at the off ramp, on ramp and under Quebec Street.

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Contact Information

Colorado Department of Transportation
Jerome Estes, Project Director

Wilson & Company Consultant Team
Jim Brady, Project Manager

Express Toll Pass

Looking to obtain an Express Toll Pass?
Contact the E-470 Public Highway Authority at 303-537-3470 or