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Flood-Related Projects

The September 2013 flooding took a devastating toll on the state of Colorado. At one point, more than 30 state highways or interstates were closed due to infrastructure damage or water standing on the highways.

CDOT has reopened all of the highways impacted by the flood in a temporary condition. Many will require permanent repairs in the future. For each project, CDOT will work with contractors to minimize impacts to motorists, provide access to residents when possible, all the while simultaneously moving forward on construction as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

Debris Removal Nearly Complete

CDOT and contractor Phillips and Jordan, Inc. have nearly finished debris removal along flood-impacted state highways. Crews may be finalizing removal in the coming weeks on US 34 and motorists are encouraged to give them plenty of room to work safely.

September 2013 Floods - CDOT's Story

US 36 Emergency Repairs Underway

In January 2014, CDOT and the Federal Highway Administration – Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) combined expertise and resources to design and construct the final repairs on US 36 between Lyons and Estes Park following the devastating 2013 flood. Work on the emergency repairs is now underway and more information is available via the project website here.

The schedule for the US 36 repairs is aggressive, and will include lengthy delays heavy impacts to motorists. The use of alternate routes including US 34 and State Highway 7 is strongly advised to avoid more than hour-long delays through the project limits.

Major projects resulting from the flood included:

More Information Available at a Local Level

  • For more information about the flood recovery at a state level, visit here.
  • For information about Larimer County flood recovery efforts, please visit their website.
  • For information about Boulder County flood recovery efforts, please visit their website.
  • Forest Service Information, including trail, road, and area closure information; photos; latest news; and assessment and project information can be found here.
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