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I-76 Brush Reconstruction

Project Description

This project will reconstruct both directions of I-76 from mile marker (MM) 84.9 to MM 91.1 in Morgan County, which is essentially the stretch of the interstate from Fort Morgan to Brush. Crews will build or replace 13 bridges and one box culvert. The work will reconfigure two I-76 interchanges at State Highway 71 and Dodd Bridge Road to standard diamond interchanges. Also, all on- and off-ramps are to be lengthened for a safer transition onto and off of the interstate. The existing six miles of interstate roadway, shoulders, and ramps will be repaved with concrete. Long term drainage improvements will be made along the interstate in Brush.

This project is the first Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP) project in northeast Colorado. The RAMP program is a way CDOT is changing how it budgets for and spends funds on transportation projects. By funding this multi-year project based on year of expenditure, rather than saving for the full amount of the project before it started, the RAMP program helped move this project forward three to five years after it had been shelved for more than 10 years.

Project Timeline

Since the project began in March 2013, crews have removed and replaced the old westbound lanes of I-76 and built a new bridge across Badger Creek, as well as new westbound bridges over Dodd Bridge Road, Morgan County Road (CR) 25, CR 26, Hospital Road, and CR 29.  All of these bridges, along with the corresponding concrete ramps and roadway in between, have been completed.

The second phase of the project began in February 2014 with the demolition and rebuilding of State Highway (SH) 71 which will be complete in mid-May 2014. At the end of May, traffic will switch to a head-to-head configuration in the westbound lanes as crews begin dirt haul operations, bridge work and removal and replacing the eastbound lanes of I-76. The second phase includes construction of seven new bridges, as well as construction of the associated on- and off-ramps.

The project is scheduled for completion in December 2014.

Project Budget

$37.6 million
Contractor: Castle Rock Construction Co.

This project has a contracted cost of $37.6 million to Castle Rock Construction Co.

Project Contacts

CDOT Project Manager
Gale Siedenburg

CDOT Media Contacts
Bob Wilson

Amy Ford

Project Hotline: 970-840-7090